Camaro ss vs mustang gt essay

Chevy looks to doing some last-minute testing of the new ss against its more powerful zl1 sibling a new batch of spy photos provide a fresh look at the upcoming 2019 camaro ss, and it is testing. We had some fun with the 2016 ford mustang and the chevy camaro check out our comparison video and driving review call for more information at morrie's minnetonka ford @ 952-546-5441. Outside of the mustang gt, which i loved, but which was also out of my price range, the challenger is the only car that comes close, even with just the v6 i drove both the v6 and the v8 the v6 isn't as bad as you may think, you just have to work it harder accelerating then the v8 obviously.

The mothers' team has pumped this mustang up to 650 horsepower, added a track-ready suspension, fitted big wheels and tires, wrapping the package with an rtr carbon-fiber body kit, and finishing the cockpit in custom sparco seats with custom upholstery. Chevy dumped about 150 pounds from the camaro ss and added a new engine producing 455 hp and 455 lb-ft of torque this would make the ss 100 pounds lighter than a 2015 50 mustang gt and give it a. The 2017 chevrolet camaro 1le ss is being billed as the gm muscle car which will knock out the ford shelby gt350 mustang and while only some of the preliminary performance numbers for the new 1le. New 2017 camaro 2ss modified with whipple supercharger vs 2017 new mustang gt,american muscle cars drag racingthe sound ,top speed,acceleration of new mustang gt and new camaro ss the post new camaro 2ss vs mustang gt - 1/4 mile drag race appeared first on muscle car fan.

Due to scheduling snafus, the mustang gt with its 324kw 50-litre quad-cam v8 arrived with a six-speed automatic, while the chevy camaro ss 1le with its 318 kw 62-litre pushrod small-block rumbled in with a six-speed manual. The last time we did a muscle-car comparo back in 2011, the mustang still had the suspension of a bullock cart, the camaro was a heavy tank with slit windows, and the challenger was the size of. We compare the 2011 ford mustang gt and 2010 camaro ss coupes, two performance legends still locked in combat after 40 years includes performance data and full specifications. Edmunds editors pit the 2018 ford mustang gt (50-liter v8) and 2018 chevrolet camaro ss (62-liter v8) against each other in a comparison test of the longtime pony car rivals.

In v8 form, camaro again wins the horsepower war, boasting 426 horses to mustang gt's 412 specifically, camaro's engines include: 312-hp 36-liter v6 that delivers 278 pound-feet of torque and the 426-hp (with manual transmission) 62-liter v8 that provides 420 pound-feet of torque. The glorious mustang versus the mighty camaro each has seen its fair share of rampant evolution, and each has incredibly huge fanbases when it comes to american car culture the ss 1le is a track-focused monster, however the mustang gt has a number of advantages on its side, and this particular one has the performance pack 1 installed on it. 1 2018 ford mustang gt 2 2016 chevy camaro the camaro offers slightly less tech — it's not available with a digital instrument cluster, for example the list of tech features nonetheless. The mustang gt premium comes with a smaller 50l v8 but manages to come close to the camaro's numbers with 420 horsepower and 390 lb/ft of torque a standard six speed manual transmission with the 373 ratio gets the car moving to 60 mph at 47 seconds. 2018 chevrolet camaro ss 1le vs 2018 ford mustang gt mustang or camaro this is bovingdon's first time delving into the ponycar wars, so lieberman starts the.

Last year, the fifth-gen camaro ss 1le delivered an upset to the then-new mustang gt performance package the camaro's subjective and objective performance wowed us the camaro's subjective and. Then, the 2010 mustang gt had 315 bhp, not exactly a fair fight, what with the camaro ss and challenger r/t having a healthy dose more—426 and 376 bhp, respectively advertisement - continue. Ford mustang gt vs chevrolet camaro ss nick tragianis / driving nt: really, it's a matter of what you're going to use the car for if you're a track rat, the camaro ss is the way to go and. 2017 chevrolet camaro ss vs ford mustang gt: performance facts let's face it, if you're trying to decide between to performance cars, horsepower and torque are going to be important. But in comparison to the camaro ss, the camaro feels much quicker, faster while the mustang gt is more like about pleasant ride this difference shows even clearer when putting the two on track camaro ss's performance is no doubt on top here, so good that it feels focused on track.

Camaro ss vs mustang gt essay

With the 2018 model year on its way, ford surely upped the ante in their never-ending mustang vs camaro showdown with ford finally revealing their engine specs on the refreshed mustang lineup, we can definitely agree that it is not a coincidence that the numbers beat the camaro ss. Lookin' for a fight the complete history of our camaro-vs-mustang comparison tests back to all flipbooks. Home / cars / chevrolet / camaro / 2018 / 2018 chevrolet camaro ss 1le vs 2018 ford mustang gt performance pack car comparison tests 2018 chevrolet camaro ss 1le vs 2018 ford mustang gt.

  • That puts the gt ahead of the camaro ss by 5 horsepower, though it still trails the bow-tie-branded pony car by 35 pound-feet of torque still, the mustang gt isn't slow.
  • If this was the current gen mustang vs either the last gen, or next gen camaro, i'd have gone with the stang but in a contest that spans from the 60's to today, it's camaro for me old school camaros are just too sweet looking.

Put it up against a gtr id'e like to see a drag against the nismo as well since the 350z cleans it in the 0-60 and since chevy posted a 51 s time for it vs the z's 46 s64 s for the new camaro v6. It twists the tach needle quickly and without vibration but with a roar so menacing it makes the camaro ss sound like a pickup truck by car and driver (mar, 2010. Here's what i wrote about the camaro ss convertible versus the mustang gt convertible back in 2011: while the chevy is much improved, it's still not competitive with the ford as a driver you feel more confident in the mustang. Mustang 2011 vs camaro 2011 when people utter the words, american muscle car, two distinctive cars come to mind, the camaro and the mustang throughout the era of the early 1950's and 1960's, there was a revolutionary movement where automotive companies wanted to design a car with awesome horse power.

camaro ss vs mustang gt essay Almost a second difference in the quarter and half a second in the 0-60 mph looking at the camaro however, we don't see that much of a gap between the 8 speed auto vs the manual or 10 speed auto on the zl1 vs manual.
Camaro ss vs mustang gt essay
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